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Memphis Real Estate Investing Made Easy

We are a full service real estate investment firm located in Memphis TN. Our concept is very simple, we purchase the property, make the repairs and then get a tenant in place. Most of the homes we sell will have a tenant in place or lined up to move in by the time you close on the property. Our turn key real estate investment system has been designed for the out of state or out of country investor in mind. We are licensed real estate agents and active investors ourselves building our own portfolio's here in Memphis. We have the team and the resources to help you have a positive experience. We look forward to working with you!

Best of all, you don’t need to worry about marketing for distressed properties, finding a qualified tenant, or the ongoing maintenance. In fact, our system allows you to spend 15 minutes each month on each property.

We research the local Memphis market on a monthly basis to pick up trends on where the best rental markets are or are going to be. Once we've determined the best areas we then start acquiring properties for our members. No need to worry about maintenance or repairs. We handle all of that for you.

Our services offer a longer-term investment for individuals looking for monthly cash flow while being a passive investor.

Contact us today and benefit from what we’ve learned in the last 9 years.

The hardest part about investing out of state or out of country is finding the best turnkey real estate provider in the local market. Don’t fall victim to the fly by night companies offering turnkey properties. Work with a local provider that understands where the best zip codes are for long term rentals.

Leverage our skills and hard work to find you great investments in Memphis.

We have a full-time staff trained to uncover the best opportunities for rental properties. We spend hours finding, analyzing, and rejecting properties that are “too risky” to invest in.

We've put together a system that generates cash flow through passive investing.

We only send recommendations to our members on the best of the best opportunities we find.

And as a Buy Memphis Now member…

1. Passive income property alerts. When we find a new real estate investment opportunity, we’ll email you details and easy to understand instructions.

2. Each property alert will inform you on the availability, comps in the area, and rental income.

3. You’ll get recommendations based on the same methods that we use to build a portfolio of rental properties.

4. You’ll have full access to our team and financial partners. If you need help with structuring the purchase then we have you covered.

We do the hard work for you: We find real estate investment opportunities and figure out how to get them to produce positive cash flow each month.

Buy Memphis Now
5545 Murray Avenue #201
Memphis, TN 38119
Phone: (901) 417-8427